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Start Strong: A Systematic Approach to Teaching K–12 Newcomer English Learners

Learn an instructional approach to teaching K–12 newcomer ELs that systematically and explicitly targets language tasks using images and sentence frames.

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On-Demand Webinar PD Series

Watch our on-demand webinar series to learn instructional best practices and actionable teaching tips you can implement in your classroom right away to accelerate language acquisition for English learners of all ages and proficiency levels.

In the Series

Speak to Write (K–12): Activities That Promote Speaking & Writing Fluency
Learn different interactive activities appropriate for all levels of ELs, from newcomers at the word/phrase level to more advanced students at the story/essay level.

Working Together: Supplemental & Comprehensive English Learner Programs
In this webinar you’ll learn strategies, and see examples, to leverage both supplemental and comprehensive ELD materials to support English learners of all proficiency levels.

Targeted English Learner Intervention Through Assessment
Learn how to use diagnostic assessment data to connect the dots from student strengths/weaknesses to real classroom learning objectives. As you begin a new school year, it’s important to understand where to start when it comes to assessing the unique needs of your PK–12 ELs. Diagnostic assessment data can help you connect the dots from student strengths/weaknesses to real classroom learning objectives.

Strategies to Accelerate Language Acquisition for English Learners
Watch a demonstration of instructional practices such as sentence frames, theme pictures, EnglishMats, vocabulary cards, and more. You’ll learn how these strategies can be used to support and engage ELs with varying English abilities, and accelerate learning, in person and when distance learning.

Best Practices for Using Remote Assessments to Guide Instruction for English Learners
It's critical to have a complete picture of ELs' language skills. This webinar discusses how to remotely assess ELs and use their score reports to guide instruction tailored to their specific needs — whether your students are in-person or distance learning.

Oral Practice: Maximize Live Instruction Time with Sentence Frames
Whether you are teaching in person or remotely, explore strategies to facilitate speaking and listening practice while focusing on language forms and functions.

A Hybrid Approach to Teaching Young English Learners
Whether you are teaching in-person or remotely this fall, young English learners need direct instruction – a critical component to building language proficiency. In this one-hour webinar, Ballard & Tighe Educational Consultant Brenda Adeva and her guest, Early Childhood teacher, Megan Ha, will provide ideas and examples of how you can support young English learners in school or at home.

Strategies for a Hybrid Approach to Teaching English Learners
Explore a variety of resources and activities to support ELs’ language acquisition practice and continue direct teaching even if learning transitions to students’ homes.

Integrated Skills: Grammar NOT in Isolation
Discover different ways to teach grammar that all take an integrated skills approach. This webinar focuses on grammar at every stage.