Supplemental Resources for Content-based Teaching
Grades 4th-12th
With One Step, students in grades 4–12 will embark on a global expedition to discover innovative solutions to combat global issues. Along the way, they’ll learn scientific concepts while honing their problem-solving, collaboration, and leadership skills.
  • High-quality videos of current innovative solutions that make science understandable and bring science to life in the classroom
  • Rich classroom discussions about problems and possible solutions
  • Project-based learning
  • Simple steps that empower students to take action
  • NGSS-aligned 5E lesson plans, including prompts to facilitate academic discussions
Support English Learners’ Language Development
Exposure to content-based academic vocabulary and science concepts
Spanish subtitles and English captions for videos
Visually engaging supports and scaffolds to interpret images, infographics, and science diagrams
Structured and scaffolded prompts to facilitate meaningful academic discussions
Support for Educators
  • 5E lesson plans provide all the materials you need to teach a project-based lesson
  • Cross-curricular approach: activities related to ELA, math, social science, and civics classes
  • Step-by-step blueprint and roadmap for launching a district-wide sustainability initiative
  • Explore resources towards being a Green Ribbon school