Champion of IDEAS
Grades 6-12
Rigorous, research-based language development program for middle and high school English learners at all levels of language proficiency.


New Digital Student Edition

  • Interactive Tools
  • Scaffolds to support comprehension
  • Annotating tools
  • Automated scoring and self-checks
  • Progress Monitoring

New Digital Student Edition

Red Level

Proficiency Levels:
Beginning-Early Intermediate

CA Proficiency Level:

WIDA Proficiency Levels:


Blue Level

Proficiency Level:

CA Proficiency Level:

WIDA Proficiency Level:


Yellow Level

Proficiency Levels:
Early Advanced-Advanced

CA Proficiency Levels:

WIDA Proficiency Levels:

On-Demand Webinar!

Start Strong: A Systematic Approach to Teach K–12 Newcomer English Learners

See Champion of IDEAS in action! And how it can be used along with Frames for Fluency, our supplemental program that focuses on oral language, to develop lessons that explicitly teach vocabulary, grammar, form and functions, to support newcomer English learners.


Rome High School in Georgia reports "high levels of student engagement with the program and also that it provides the rigor and content needed for students not only to make progress on their English skills but also to learn academic content and skills needed across subject areas."
Data show overall gains, which demonstrates that Rome High School ELs are making progress in their English proficiency.

Systematic Scope and Sequence

Language forms (grammar) and functions (tasks) are introduced and reinforced through the units. Language objectives are aligned with state English language proficiency standards and supports the Common Core State Standards.
Champion explicitly teaches and builds grammatical fluency and accuracy throughout the program.

Systematic Instruction

The program integrates listening, speaking, reading, and writing with major content areas to prepare students for success in mainstream academic classes taught in English.

Oral Language Development

Students have extensive opportunities to practice both social and academic language in authentic contexts. This academic language is recycled throughout the program.
The activities in the WARM-UP section emphasize listening and speaking skills. The learning environment is low-anxiety and encourages student participation, both verbal and non-verbal.

Vocabulary and Academic Language

Champion provides explicit vocabulary and academic language instruction with the goal of creating proficient readers who can access mainstream content-area text.

Academic Achievement: Content-Area Topics

Rigorous content prepares students for success in mainstream academic classes.

The Champion Reader covers a broad range of interesting topics including history, literature, communication, mathematics, and science and technology, as well as many different reading and writing genres.

At the end of each reading, students answer comprehension questions that assess understanding of the content and promote higher order thinking skills.

Placement & Assessment

Summative and Formative assessments track student progress and inform instruction.