Training & Support

Web-based Training

  • For OnlineIPT and paper-based IPT
  • Free, high quality, convenient, and cost-effective training
  • Available seven days a week, 24 hours a day (Internet access required)
  • Upon successful completion of the inservice, participants will:
    • Be familiar with the test components used to administer the IPT–Oral and Reading & Writing Tests.
    • Understand the areas assessed by the IPT–Oral and Reading & Writing Tests.
    • Be able to administer and score the IPT–Oral and Reading & Writing Tests.
    • Be able to interpret the test results for classroom placement and instruction and for parent-teacher conferences.

Onsite Training

To successfully implement any new instructional program or testing instrument, educators and district personnel should receive effective training. Over the last 30 years, Ballard & Tighe has been providing exceptional training to educators across the country. We will provide the tools you need to successfully implement any of our programs. Training sessions can be conducted onsite or online. Please call for pricing and availability.


At Ballard & Tighe, we are cognizant that educators and districts are faced with both time and budget constraints. To maximize productivity, Ballard & Tighe offers train-the-trainer sessions that include master copies of all materials and handouts. Participants who complete each session will receive a train-the-trainer certificate and will be certified to train other district personnel as needed. Please call for pricing and availability.

Your Local Consultant

Whether you are a new customer seeking more information or a long time user with an important test question, your consultant will have the most up-to-date information about the IPT. For first-time users or educators considering the IPT, Educational Consultants can provide guidance, testing advice, and a comprehensive IPT overview complete with sample test materials to help you understand the test. Find your local consultant and call or e-mail for a one-on-one meeting:
  1. Locate your consultant
  2. Call Toll Free: 1-800-321-4332; e-mail:

Ask a Question

Do you have questions or comments specifically concerning the IPT? Ask the Ballard & Tighe Help Desk. We'll respond within one business day. The Ballard & Tighe Help Desk answers questions pertaining to:
  • Test administration and procedures
  • Specific test item/question within an IPT test
  • General questions about the IPT