Flexible = Cost Effective

Buy only what you need—oral, reading, or writing tests credits. Use your credits to flexibly serve your testing needs in English or Spanish, in any grade level, and in either modality, in person or remote.
The OnlineIPT family of tests is your language proficiency assessment solution.
  • Identification
  • Placement
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Redesignation
  • Dual Language
  • Targeted Intervention


The OnlineIPT® is not just any web-based language testing platform. It saves time and money, and provides data-driven diagnostics to improve EL instruction.

Web-based language proficiency assessments for English learners

Oral, reading, and writing tests for Pre-K-12 in English and Spanish.

Easy to administer with automated scoring

No confusing formula or complicated scoring rubrics. Oral tests are individually administered with immediate scoring. Reading & writing tests are group administered.

Save, import, and export student data from the dashboard.

No more paper clutter; no more data entry.

Less time testing, more time teaching.

All student data and testing information stored online. Export and share data anywhere, anytime.

Save money with the OnlineIPT

  • Free online examiner manuals
  • No shipping and handling costs*
  • No storage of materials*
  • No expiration date
  • Inventory can be used across test forms
*Except for storyboard/pieces and picture books needed for Oral tests