About Us

Our Mission

… helping English learners realize their full potential

Our Story

Founded in 1976 by two pioneers in the field of English language education, Wanda Ballard and Phyllis Tighe started Ballard & Tighe, Publishers. The dearth of quality language materials motivated these two educators to launch the IDEA* Kit, one of the first comprehensive oral language programs for English learners. Following the success of the IDEA* Kit was the IPT** Family of Tests, a language testing system used for identification, placement, progress monitoring, and/or redesignation, as relevant and appropriate in the context of each school, district, and state. Today, the IPT is one of the most used language testing instruments— 8 of the top 10 districts (in terms of ELs served) use the IPT.

At Ballard & Tighe our mission is to help English learners reach their full potential and the way we do that is by creating materials that accelerate their language development and provide data to guide placement and instructional support.

Our Values
We deliver unparalleled customer service.
We treat our customers, employees, and partners with respect.
We require integrity and honesty in our business practices.
We develop reliable products that generate results.
We achieve profit as a means to make our objectives possible.

Our Commitment to Data Security

Ballard & Tighe is committed to establishing and maintaining a high level of data security related to the services it provides customers.

* IDEA = Individualized Developmental English Activities (not related to the IDEA Act - Individuals with Disabilities Education Act)
** IPT = Individual Proficiency Test